Monday, September 29, 2014

Black Beans

I recently retired so I am having some fun trying new things. My youngest daughter has been a vegetarian for several years now and as an avid cook, I still struggle with coming up with cooking up something she will enjoy. Last week or so I watched an episode of the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network channel, lo and behold, she was cookin' up some black beans and made several dishes from them. Of course I had to make them because they looked soooo good! And guess what? They were!!! Here's her recipe for Black beans. The first recipe I tried after the beans were cooked were her black bean burritos filled with cilantro-lime rice and refried black beans, you can find that recipe here. Except I didn't grill any vegetables, I used the rice, beans, cheese and salsa. For the black bean burger, that we had for lunch today, that I think was super-duper good, you can find her recipe here. And here is how mine looked, not as thick as hers because I wasn't sure how well it would go over with my daughter and me of course!

I topped my burger with cheese, fresh tomato from my garden, and baby arugula. As an after thought, I could have mixed some mayo with sour cream and a little salsa to spread on the bun. Next time for sure!